Parts from an interview of our Chairman, Huseyin Yilmaz:

“I was born in 1950, Eğridere (Ardino), the province of Kardzhali, located on the borders of Bulgaria today.

My family has been farming and milling. I had two older brothers and one older sister. I was the youngest, and we all helped my mother in the field and with housework. Studying to be a doctor was my childhood dream. I was grazing my herd while dreaming to be a doctor. We didn’t have separate rooms like kids these days. We didn’t have a toy. We made our own toys from wood, wire or mud. I still remember that radio was a big thing when it came to our house.  “

“Started my work life in 1969 and lasted 48 years; I will continue as the Chairman and General Manager of our Interkan and Poliner companies. In my work, I have worked with the X, Y and Z generations described by modern science and I have led the three generations, strengthened my staff and coached.”

3rd in Productivity Project Awards competition

We are in te finals again at the Eco-Friendly SME Awards.