Polietilen (PE) Shrink Films

Polietilen (PE) Shrink Filmler

Shrink Film is a type of packaging that is made by wrapping products with heat shrinking nylon in all products that can be packaged. It is an ideal and economical packaging method that can be easily applied. It is also the first choice of all users with its economic options besides offering different options.

PE Shrink Roll Film
Film Width : between 15cm and 155cm
Film Thickness: 30mic to 250mic.
The film thickness varies depending on the weight of the goods to be packed, the usage and storage conditions.

* Low density polyethylene. (LDPE)
* Transparent and bright.
* Can be produced with the desired color.
* Flexo printing on the surface of films.
* UV additive can be added to the film if desired.
* Roll shaped.
* Shrinking is done using shrink lines and ovens.

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